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Microlocs Installation pricing varies by hair length ,density, head size, loc method and loc size. ,which will be determined during your consultation.

TwoStrand Twistlocs with Natural Hair starting @ $550,

Braidlocs with interlock Roots starting @_ $500


Extensions, to be determined during consultation.

Full Microloc Interloc
starting@ $750 & up

Hello, Thank you for choosing me to cater to your crown.
Before booking your appointment, please read Dianefabulous full booking policy.
Proceeding to booking an appointment, means that you have read and agree to all terms and conditions in the booking policy.

I am located in New York Harlam The direct address will be sent to you via text/email within 24-48 hours after booking your appointment.


*Deposit is due at the time of booking.*NO DEPOSIT = NO APPOINTMENT.


A $50 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is REQUIRED to book your Consultation.

(this is not included in install price)
A 20% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to book for microlocs Installation.

This deposit goes towards your install price balance.

example: Price $550 20% deposit = $110  $750 price 20% deposit = $150  $1250 price 20% deposit = $250


Transfer Client deposit Fee is $35 if your locs were installed by someone else and you need a retie there is $35 deposit fee for booking,

this is not included in retie price.


Retighten Info:
Retighten Price is $130 up to 2 hours and $50 an hour after 2 hours. Most reties are about 4 to 6 hours. Retighten Does Not Include Shampooing Your Hair” Shampooing $35 & up Steam therapy Treatment $25 & up. Trimming $20 & up Repairs $50 hour.

if new growth is more than an inch there is a $20 fee for every inch of growth after 1 inch.

Reties are 4-8 weeks  Any reties after 8+weeks must have a new consultation to book. .

Hair must be washed 24-48 hours before retie, completely dry.



Your next retie must be scheduled before leaving the current retie service.

Reties are done during the weekend days, 5:am-5pm...


You will be given instructions to follow before your install, if you do not follow the instructions, your appointment will be cancelled and there is NO REFUND! a new install date is needed, cancellation fee added.
After 1 missed consultation appointment, you will be required to pay a $25 cancelation fee. If you cancel twice the consultation is voided and a new consultation is needed.

You be sent a text confirmation 24 hours before for installs, reins and consultations, if you don't confirm your appointment it will be cancelled and the cancellation policy for that service is effective.


You can reschedule your install one time, if you cancel twice, you will also need a new consultation and new deposit payment. No deposit refunded.

If you are late please text or call, I do give a 30 minute grace period. After 30 minutes, you will have to reschedule your appointment. keep in my mind this counts as a cancelled service. $25 fee


Reties cancellations are $25, must be paid with the new retie date and added to the price.


After the end of the 1st day of service balance must be paid in full or half payment.
Due to Covid-19, If you are having any symptoms of Covid-19, please contact me to reschedule your appointment.
No extra guests are allowed.
I Service Adult  & children age 10+

Please keep in mind that microlocs are very time consuming. On installation day, please make sure to have a clear/free schedule. Microlocs installation time range can vary anywhere between 1-2 days, this includes a fifteen minute break and a 30 minute lunch break, depending on length and thickness of hair. Please be prepared to spend at least 2 days on this service. Installation Time is broken down in 10hours. If it takes over 10hours your service will be broken into 2 days.
Payments are Cash , Cash app , Zelle, PayPal, when You Make PAYMENTS  BE SURE  TO PUT THE WORD Gift ????

Microlocs installation includes installation, interlocking, starter kit, oil and rose water spray after service.
You must shampoo and detangle hair before your install.

You will be given an agreement of service to sign to ensure quality and satisfaction of service provided.
YOU MUST BOOK A CONSULTATION before booking for microlocs installation. Consultation quotes are valid for 30 days
( must book install within 30days)
After 30 days, you must book a new consultation.
I do install microlocs with extensions *extra cost|  extensions aren't for everyone, this is determined during consultation.

When booking you agree to pics and videos for social media content.
Natural hair only. * no perm.
Microlocs cannot be installed on relaxed / heat damaged hair.
Your hair must be a minimum of 3 inches for microlocs installation. 4 inches is most recommended.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please
TEXT ME @ 646-340-6777 or email me
Thank you for choosing Dianefabulous.

Microloc Services

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